Hellenic Seaplanes docking station

technical bases

The technical bases of “Hellenic Seaplanes” have been designed with all the necessary specifications to ensure the proper maintenance of its seaplanes.

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Our Technical Bases in Greece

Hellenic Seaplanes is planning two technical bases in Greece, in Chalkida and Kyllini.

Our station in Chalkida has a surface of 4000 sq.m. and supports the maintenance of three seaplanes.

The station in Kyllini, has a surface of 3000 sq.m. and a capacity of two seaplanes.

The maintenance bases are constructed based on modern specifications and equipment for the better support of our seaplanes. Aircraft maintenance is always carried out in accordance with the current legislation and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Hellenic Seaplanes, with a sense of responsibility for the safety of its passengers during their seaplane flights, pays special attention to the operation of its technical bases, while taking measures to minimize its environmental footprint in the two areas where stations are located.

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