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“Hellenic Seaplanes” approaches the Greek market with high-quality products and services, motivated to offer pleasant, easy and safe flights to its passengers. The fights with our company’s seaplanes, as well as the professionalism of our staff ensure the maximum customer quality experience.

Live the seaplane flight experience by flying pleasantly, affordably and safely from port to port all around Greece!

Whether it is a scheduled flight or a tourist flight, the trip with Hellenic Seaplanes will fulfill all your expectations.

Scheduled Flights services Hellenic Seaplanes
Scheduled Flights Hellenic Seaplanes

Scheduled Flights

‘‘Hellenic Seaplanes S.A.’’ plans to operate scheduled flights from and to all ports or lakes of the country, where the current transportation system is considered insufficient or with existing difficulties.

The scheduled routes will be determined based on the business development plan, as well as on the needs created in local communities in collaboration with our partners.

The scheduled flights with our seaplanes suit to passengers who think that their time is precious and appreciate the value of a pleasant, high-level yet affordable trip.

All of our scheduled seaplane flights are characterized by efficiency as not only the speed with which the seaplane travels, but also the ticket price may be proved more beneficial for travelers in relation to the airplane or ship option and can only be compared with a first class high-speed craft option.

In addition to the amazing on-air tour that the seaplane offers by operating flights above the sea while you are traveling to your destination, it freely offers an experience that makes the trip itself unique and not just a transport service.

Chartered flights home Hellenic Seaplanes
Seaplane Charter flights

Chartered flights

Hellenic Seaplanes offers the possibility of chartering a seaplane (capacity of 9-12-19 passengers) for your transport to your desired destination in a quick, affordable and safe way. Charter categories depend on the seaplane type, the destination, the number of passengers and the time period.

The possibilities of chartered flights are numerous and include, among others, personal, government, corporate, institutional, scientific, first-aid, search and rescue groups, as well as sports teams, trips for advertising and promotional purposes etc.

The person concerned informs the company about the charted services needed, the destination and the number of people in the special flight and we undertake the specific formulation of the seaplane, as well as the complementary services that offer you a unique flight experience, exceeding your ambitions and making your trip successful…before your transport even begins.

Hotel Transfer services Hellenic Seaplanes
Resort Transfers Hellenic Seaplanes

Transfer to resorts

In our company’s seaplanes, our customers board from every port or lake with licensed water airport and can be transferred to any resort they wish provided that these resorts have the proper infrastructure for hosting our seaplanes.

Flying with seaplanes to hotels and resorts is ideal both for the transfer of VIP guests and for those who wish, upon consultation with their travel agent or the hotel, to arrive quickly and easily to their destination.

Hellenic Seaplanes values your trip and creates the right conditions so that you can enjoy your subsequent stay!

Scheduled Flights home Hellenic Seaplanes
Cargo Transport Services Hellenic Seaplanes

Cargo transport services

The cargo transport services of Hellenic Seaplanes have been designed to be available through scheduled flights or special flights chartered for this purpose.

The current transportation systems offer limited availability of few efficient express consignments or limited freight transport due to the slow delivery time and high cost of the existing means of transport.

Furthermore, there is an increased demand for transporting perishable goods in areas where there is no direct transport service.

All the above led the company to the formulation of air transport of cargo services and to the conclusion of agreements with freight transport companies and courier services that wish to deploy the scheduled services of Hellenic Seaplanes or to charter a seaplane for the delivery of goods to the licensed water airports within and around Greece.

Our company guarantees the reliable, timely and above all safe transport of your goods to their destination!

Cruise and seaplanes services Hellenic Seaplanes
Seaplane & cruise services Hellenic Seaplanes

Cruise PASSENGER Services

Greece is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe for cruise passengers and this can be proven by the hundreds of cruise ships that approach Greek ports all year long and especially during the summer months.

Hellenic Seaplanes has planned for the cruise ships visiting Greece special flight seeing tours over famous sights and islands: Mykonos, Santorini, the shipwreck of Zakynthos, Ancient Olympia and Katakolo of Ileia.

The company collaborates with tourism and shipping companies for the joint creation of special entertainment activities packages exclusively addressed to cruise ship passengers.

This service includes sightseeing and guiding tours over each destination’s sights whereas it also provides appropriate audio-visual equipment to the passengers so as to maximize their travel experience and enjoyment.

Upon his disembarkation from the cruise ship, the passenger has the opportunity to see and admire the sights of the area he visits not only from land and sea, but also from air thanks to the seaplane tours organized by Hellenic Seaplanes!

Medical seaplane Hellenic Seaplanes
Ambulance Aircraft Hellenic Seaplanes

Patient Air Transport Services

The seaplanes of Hellenic Seaplanes can be easily converted into ambulance carriers.

Hellenic Seaplanes has already created strategic partnerships with companies offering patient transport services on land (ambulance services), health centers and insurance companies for the air transport of patients from all Greek islands and lakeside regions.

Our seaplanes can be landed on water at any location where water field is available and can transport up to four patients per flight.

Emergencies and critical condition cases, such as accidents, require direct solutions and actions. Hellenic Seaplanes is ready to help with the specially formulated seaplane flights that support the facilitation of first aid and transport for any medical reason.

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