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scheduled flights

Scheduled Flights

Hellenic Seaplanes plans to operate scheduled flights....[More]

sightseeing 2

Sightseeing Tours

Hellenic Seaplanes will perform scenic flights over the Greek islands....[More]



Charter Flights

With a seat capacity of up to 19 passengers Hellenic Seaplanes....[More]


Resort Transfers

Hellenic Seaplanes can take passenger from any of the ports....[More]


cargo 3


Cargo service is also available on demand for packages up to 30 Kg maximum....[More]



Our aircrafts have the ability to be quickly modified....[More]

Connecting Greece

Hellenic Seaplanes S.A is the Leading Seaplane Company in Greece aiming to connect the country through seaports and lakes thus solving the transportation problems of those hard to reach areas and forever changing the demography of tourism in Greece.


Our commitment is customer satisfaction and passenger safety by providing efficient, affordable and reliable harbor to harbor seaplane service in Greece and ultimately, the rest of Europe.

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