Dornier Seastar CD2

The Dornier Seastar CD2 is an ALL-COM- POSITE 12-seat, 10,000-lb. amphibious flying boat LBA and FAA certified to FAR Part 23 amendment 34. It is powered by two reliable Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turboprop engines and features state-of-the-art cockpit avionics, exterior and interior design, layouts, accessories, and comfort systems. The advanced Seastar design incorporates more than 90 years of Dornier engineering know-how and experience in the operation of seaplanes.

Twin Otter DHC-6

The Twin Otter DHC-6 is a 19-seat, 12,500-lb. amphibious float plane with all European certifications, powered by two reliable Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turboprop engines. The Twin Otter is renowned for its ability to perform in a multitude of environments and in particular sea conditions. When equipped with seaplane or amphibious floats, the Twin Otter can reach remote waterfront destinations while still exhibiting STOL (Short Take Off & Landing) capabilities. The unique design of the retractable landing gear in the amphibious floats allows the Twin Otter flexibility for both land and water based operations in a single flight plan.