Sightseeing tour above the most beautiful sights of Greece and a unique seaplane tour overview experience with Hellenic Seaplanes.

Seaplane sightseeing flights offer passengers the chance to enjoy the beauties of Greece from above. Sightseeing tour gives the opportunity of discovering distinct island and coastal destinations while having a panoramic view of the landscape, giving the passengers experiences that will be etched in their memory forever.


Seaplanes’ flight tours are predetermined by region with a high frequency of daily routes, while there is also an option to create customized sightseeing tours according to your interests.

Sightseeing tours have average duration of 35 minutes per route, including leisure flights over multiple destinations and water airports of Greece, depending on the flight’s starting point.

During the flight, passengers can enjoy the tour guide services. High-tech audio-visual equipment or tour guide presence, can maximize the trip’s experience.


If you are seeking for a unique and unforgettable experience, seaplane sightseeing flights are the ideal choice for you!

Unique opportunity for the passenger to get to know multiple attractions of the location he is visiting through the cruise, in just one trip!


Exciting experience for children to get to know the history and culture of Greece from above!


Original leisure tour, that will remain in the memory of your staff!


Great way to celebrate a special occasion together!

The best sightseeing flights in Greece!

For tour flights and leisure excursions flights we make full use of the advantages of the seaplanes by organising sightseeing flights over the sights of Greece,

We offer our passengers comfortable and safe, low-altitude sightseeing flights, giving them the opportunity to enjoy and capture the sights with photos and videos from a close aerial distance!


The state-of-the-art seaplane fleet of Hellenic Seaplanes has a spacious passenger cabin with comfortable seats, while all pilots are experienced, trained and always ready to serve you!

Hellenic Seaplanes flight tour packages

Book your sightseeing flight now and live a unique viewing experience, at very affordable prices!

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