ISO Certificates of Hellenic Seaplanes

Iso Certificates 2020

Hellenic Seaplanes has received ISO certifications, thus ensuring the quality of its services through the successful evaluation and control and they have been awarded by AVRV, a company that certificates enterprises  that seek to their continuous improvement.

The company meets the requirements of the standards ISO 9001 : 2015 and 14000 : 2015 concerning the quality management system that it uses as a Technical Consultant for the Licensing of Water Airports and the environmental management system that it applies respectively.

These certifications are a testament to the initiative and commitment of Hellenic Seaplanes board members and its employees to continuously optimize their services delivery mechanisms with a high sense of responsibility for their customers satisfaction.

ISO Certification Objectives

Εικονίδιο υδροπλάνου
ISO Quality Management System 9000: 2015

The ISO 9001 : 2015 standard incorporates good practices for quality management and the improvement of the internal organization and operation of organizations and companies.

The Quality Management System certification gives Hellenic Seaplanes:

  • Improving on the providing services.
  • Upgrading the company’s processes with the aim of producing added value.
  • Increase customer, supplier and staff satisfaction.
  • Creating a competitive advantage and attracting new customers.
Εικονίδιο υδροπλάνου
ISO Environmental Management System 14000: 2015

The ISO 14000 : 2015 standard ensures that the company pays attention to the imprint that it leaves on the environment by monitoring, evaluating and adapting its actions in order to protect the environment.

The aim is to improve environmental performance through resource management, waste reduction and mitigation of environmental impacts created by Hellenic Seaplanes processes.

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