CEO’s message

Everyone is destined in this life for a reason. Signs do emerge very early in one’s life, sometimes without even being able to notice them.

As an entrepreneur as well as a visioner, which I believe gives me the strength to contend against all the odds, I come up with an innovative idea and started immediately putting words into actions: “Investing in a great opportunity by gradually launching the worlds’ biggest seaplane network and develop the associated  flight seaplanes’ operation”.

Greece, with thousands of kilometers of coastline, is the ideal destination for sea tourism and seaplanes investment. Therefore, Hellenic Seaplanes aims not only, to boost the overall tourism product, but in an essence change the demography of tourism in Greece, by allowing new alternative tourism activities to be developed as a result of the faster, safer, more enjoyable journey and endless possibilities that seaplanes can provide.

Hellenic Seaplanes is a live example of innovation and entrepreneurship, proving in practice that, when there is vision and dedication, nothing is impossible.

In the long run, there is a strong intention to build on the success of Hellenic Seaplanes in Greece, and leverage our experience into other EU countries with similar great opportunities.